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Camping Fees (per day)

  • Adults: $30 per day
  • Children 5-14: $15 (Kids under 5 free)

Vehicle Fees (per day):

  • Motorbikes: $30
  • Quad Bikes: $35
  • SXS Buggies: $40
  • Trailered 4×4’s/comp trucks: $45

We encourage campers to bring their well-behaved dogs and husbands.


The cabin is where all paperwork and payments are made, payments can also be done over the phone however the preferred way is at the cabin and of course you can’t leave the park without some of the great merchandise available.


Please call Bruce on 0417 492 917 to ensure availability and confirm details. Gate codes will be given on booking confirmation. Please do not turn up at the property without booking in advance as the gate is coded and you will not be allowed entry.


All your camping equipment, first aid kits, plenty of food and water is a good idea even through there are fresh water tanks. A recovery kit is essential, make sure your vehicle is in good working order and mechanically sound. Is is a private property and you enter at your own risk, you still need to make sure you wear all the protective gear on bikes and buggys.

Please download and print the 4 pages (waiver and code of conduct) 1 set per vehicle, please read and sign. Bring all four pages to the office with you. You can download the form from the left hand bar on our homepage by clicking here



Bylong Creek 4×4  park is 800 acres of mixed terrain situated in a valley surrounded by huge rocky cliffs with a creek running through the property. At sunset the cliffs make a spectacular sight.

Tracks range from beginner to very experienced which we are continually upgrading to provide more exciting tracks for you to experience.

Throughout the park you will find some odd bits and pieces, rocking chairs and a shopping trolley hanging from a tree which marks a track with the same name. The main trails weaves it’s way along and across the creek. There are challenging rock gardens for the more experienced 4WD or buggy enthusiast.

Bruce the owner is on hand if ever instruction, advice or recovery is needed. There are two play areas ‘The Playground’ and ‘The Wombat Holes’ which are purely build for fun. Watch out for the mud. With new play areas coming soon.

There are three main campgrounds which two have drop toilets and the top camp had a huge fresh water tank, camping is allowed anywhere on the property.

Firewood can be collected from within the park with two box trailers available for your convenience.

Hot showers are available opposite the Bylong General Store which is a short 10 minute drive from the camp.